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Mixing Baby Formula

First of all, let me start by saying that breastfeeding is the best way to feed your baby.  It allows the father to sleep more and also allows the father to avoid cleaning bottles, which is a huge pain.  But for those without milk-filled breasts, a decision must be made — do you buy ready to drink formula or do you buy a powder formula (or, liquid concentrate that requires addition of water, but not the hassle of powders).

For one reason or another, I wound up choosing my formula based on the ingredient list and, unfortunately, the brand did not come in a ready to feed version, so I was required to do the mixing.  If you are new to this stuff, read the directions on the can, but generally you add 1 scoop of powder to 2 ounces of water.  And if you are anal, you use kitchen scale to make sure you are giving the right amount of powder because a “scoop” can vary pretty widely depending upon how compact the formula is when you scoop it.

Now, the “problem” with powdered formula is that it doesn’t dissolve all that easily, and usually requires a bit of shaking. Shaking introduces air to the formula and air can lead to gaseous babies, which can lead to discomfort, spitting up, etc. Also, if you want to shake up enough formula for the day, for some reason, it is particularly difficult when making 16 ounces of formula, to get all of the powder to dissolve.  It takes a lot of shaking.

So, here is what I do:

1) Take a wide mouthed quart sized mason jar and add 16 ounces of purified water.  Feel free to boil it if you like. Home filters don’t necessarily get the potential pathogens out. However, I use tap water that has been run through a “zerowater” pitcher filter.  I suggest measuring using a measuring cup rather than the markings on your jar, just to make sure the markings are accurate.

2) Put the jar on a kitchen scale and zero out the weight so it reads “zero”

3) Add the formula until it reads the appropriate number of grams (the can will tell you what a “scoop” weighs, like any other serving size listed on the label).

4) Take your immersion stick blender and stick it in the jar. Blend until smooth.

That’s the trick.  The stick blender is PERFECT for mixing up a smooth batch of formula.  There are no bubbles and the formula is perfectly blended.  Takes under 10 seconds of blending.  

Then you can just pour the formula into the bottles as needed. Refrigerate and you can use it over the next 24 hours.  The formula doesn’t even appear to need shaking any more as there is nothing that settles on the bottom.

You can rinse the blender under running water and stick it in another jar with some soapy water if you want to give it a good cleaning. And of course, you should give it a good cleaning since you don’t want bacteria to grow on your blender and then be introduced to your formula.



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