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Daily Green Smoothies

I have to say that I am very impressed with Colleen and myself.  We have been drinking a green smoothie just about every day for over a month now.  We have eaten more Kale than would otherwise be possible, and have eaten an enormous amount of other produce.  Where we used to throw out a lot of food, now we are actually consuming a lot of produce.

Cherry tomatoes left over from a recipe? No problem, I throw them in the blender with my fruits and greens and drink them.

Left over cauliflower that we aren’t going to get around to cooking or eating raw? No problem, throw in four florets and blend them with m y fruits and greens and drink them up.

Unfortunately, we still can’t get our two-and-one-half year old to drink with us, but he is a very very picky eater and drinker. In fact, he drinks nothing besides water, milk and chocolate milk, so it isn’t terribly surprising that he won’t drink the green smoothies, though he did take two sips once at the very beginning.

I have read a lot of claims being made about the benefits of eating/drinking right, and I have to say that the most annoying aspect of reading what people have to say about smoothies are the never-ending barrage of pitches for this blender or that blander.  I saw my first vitamix at bed bath and beyond yesterday and thought, “HOLY CHRIST! THAT THING IS HUGE!”  I know they make a smaller version, but they didn’t have one on display.  It didn’t even look like a home appliance.  Lots of people complain that it doesn’t fit under their counter, but I am surprised people don’t complain about being unable to reach the damned thing as I felt like I was in “honey I shrunk the kids” when looking at it.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration.  But I am glad I didn’t order it sight unseen and am very glad I went with the BlendTech just because it fits better in the kitchen and because I am certain it cleans up easier and safer.  Still, if you are looking for industrial blenders, and you don’t mind the size or fact that the vitamix uses a sharp blade (or prefer sharp blades for some reason), the you won’t be disappointed buying a Vitamix.  It REALLY looks like you get what you paid for, whereas buying the BlendTech looks like a normal blender and maybe like you overpaid for it.

Looks aren’t everything, of course.  And I am just giving my random thoughts, having never used the Vitamix.

Back to my smoothies — after drinking a green smoothie daily, I can say that I don’t feel any different, or at least, I don’t feel different enough to notice anything.  I am glad to be getting so many fruits and veggies first thing in the morning. I am happy to be adding oatmeal to my smoothies and hopefully lowering my cholesterol as a result.  But, I don’t “feel” like I have more energy. I don’t “feel” any healthier.  That is disappointing, but not surprising, since I rarely feel any different when I eat poorly, have never noticed a caffeine buzz or sugar high, or sugar crash that I am aware of.   The fiber does help things move along though.

I don’t see myself stopping the smoothie train though.  I know that just because I don’t feel any different is no reason to think I am not doing great things for my body. Plus, they taste yummy (almost always) and I never tire of watching everything blend up!


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