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My Blendtec Blender

So, I have been spending a bit of time trying to decide whether to buy a juicer (Super Angel 5500 vs. Omega 8004 or 8006) or a blender.  Sure, they do very different things, and I will probably wind up with both at the end of the day … but as of today I have pulled the trigger on a Blendtec blender (available at for a pretty good price, with two jars for a “limited time”) and then I went ahead (before taking delivery) and ordered the “Twister” jar, which is supposed to be great for making nut butters (on sale at if you use the promotion code, in all caps, TWISTER) to save $30.

I should be receiving both this week. My wife will probably kill me when she sees that this damned thing comes with 3 “jars” — what the hell do I need 3 freaking jars for!?  I can hear it now.

The truth is, I have no idea. I just felt like buying something to make healthy food and a blender seemed like it was easier to use than a masticating juicer, both in terms of use and cleanup.  There are downsides, of course. And for me, one downside is going to be the noise. I hate loud appliances, and will probably spend another $100 on a noise shield if I use the “wildside” or “fourside” jars a lot (the Twister jar requires access to the top so you can “twist” the lid while blending, so it won’t work with a noise shield). 

I may use one jar for grinding grains… I really like the idea of buying brown rice, turning it into flour and then making pancakes with it.  I also like the idea of making some baby foods as well as green smoothies and strawberry banana sorbets.  The practice may be completely different. We shall see. 

I chose Blendtec over Vitamix, for several reasons, some of which may not be valid.

First, to my ear listening to them on You-Tube, the Vitamix sounded louder. Reviews say otherwise. Maybe it is pitch instead of volume, but to my ear the Vitamix sounded louder.  Indeed, I looked into buying “The Quiet One” which is the Vitamix brand in use at Starbucks.  But I am pretty sure I need a special electrical outlet to use the commercial product, plus the warranty is not as good for consumer use, so I didn’t want to spend so much more on a blender with a less favorable warranty, even if it would be very quiet (in comparison).

Second, if I don’t need a sharp blade at the bottom of my blender, I prefer not to have one. If I ever cut myself by doing something stupid while cleaning out peanut butter, I would be kicking myself to no end, saying “why didn’t I get the Blendtec with its dull blade!”

Third, even though the presets may not be all that great, I like the idea of a “smoothie” button, a “sauce” button and a “soup button”.  I understand some vitamix models have the presets as well, but they were not being sold by, and quite honestly, I am not spending this much on a blender without having complete comfort that I can return it whenever I want.  If I don’t like the thing, or find that I don’t use it, it is going back to Costco.   I’ll wind up with a “twister jar” that I spent $100, which I will sell on E-bay if necessary. 

I don’t care so much which product works “better” than the other, or which product is “better for me” — at least I don’t care enough to buy both even with Costco’s generous return policy. The Blendtec was less expensive, looks better and seems more idiot proof. Plus, i have some old Apple products that I may want to blend.  (That’s a joke).

I have not been diving in a long time … and so maybe, just maybe,  this blog will change direction….again.


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