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Getting Married

Well, I’ve decided to take the plunge!  This summer I am going to marry  Colleen — she is an incredibly good person, with a great sense of humor.  In many ways, she is exactly like myself.  In fact, we are often on the same word, not to mention page.  I used to think my sense of humor was unique, but she truly thinks just like me, which means she’ll never get tired of my sense of humor.  We share similar politics and a similar religion.

We both love to dive.  She has a natural love of sharks, which I find endearing, if not a little nutty, and of course, I won’t miss any dive simply because there are things in the water which terrify mere mortals.  She’s a dedicated and hard working school teacher, who has put up with way more than her fair share of bullshit from a moron principal who, I hope to goodness was fired from her last two jobs and winds up homeless, turning tricks for drug money.   But I digress…

I’m looking forward to living the rest of our lives together, meeting those challenges that come our way and making the best of a wonderful situation!


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