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For many years, I would proclaim that I was a vegetarian between meals.  No meat snacks for me!  Five years ago I gave up red meat.  Four years ago, I made the switch, giving up fish and meat completely (with the exception of one lobster tail and one chicken sandwich while staying in Bonaire).

The reason is primarily an ethical one. I believe it is wrong to kill animals for pleasure. Whether one is given pleasure by causing an animal pain or one is given pleasure by the taste of a bbq steak is really irrelevant. Killing for pleasure is wrong.  It is wrong because it is unnecessary.

If you think about it…. If you think its wrong to set a bag of kittens on fire just because it makes someone happy to do it, you might conclude its wrong to kill an animal to eat when there are vegetarian options available.  Killing and having someone else kill for you is the same thing. Think about it. Consider quitting the meat habit.


August 7, 2008 - Posted by | Life |

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