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Cruising the Bahamas for Sharks

Well,  we have returned from our trip to the Bahamas, and I am pleased to say that I was able to get some very nice photographs with both my wide angle 11-17mm lens and my 60mm macro lens.  The sharks were not very plentiful except at one site where they are fed, but because there were so many and they were quite easy to get close to, Colleen and I were able to get quite a few pictures.

We definitely had to be up close and personal with the sharks to get a great picture – I’d say that 3 feet was an ideal distance, however some nice shots were had from further away and some were had from as close as a foot, maybe less.

I had a lot of trouble getting the camera to function properly, for three dives or so, but then I managed to work the kinks out and finally start taking some pictures.  I obtained much better photos than I had previously shot with my point and shoot camera.  Whether this was the result of a better camera or a better flash, or both, is hard to say.  But, I can certainly say that I am happy with my pictures, and while it was a bit difficult to travel with so much gear, the pictures we now have made it all worthwhile!

I will post some picutres in a week or so, depending on my work schedule.


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