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Our next dive vacation: Bahamas, Shark diving!

Soon, we head to the outer islands in the Bahamas, known as the Exumas.  This trip is intended as a practice run in many respects, for the following summer we head out to dive Komodo in Indonesia.  Neither Colleen nor I have ever done “live aboard” diving (i.e., diving where you live on the boat), and both of us are somewhat prone to sea sickness.

We are both hoping to learn the use of our respective cameras on this trip as well.  She will be shooting with the Sony compact camera, and I will be shooting with the gigantic Nikon D300 camera.  I expect that she will get the best pictures of the sharks, which is too bad for her, because I’ll be the one in the picture with the animal, while my picture of her will probably be way too tiny due to the wide angle lens I will be using.

I hope I am wrong, and that we both get some great pictures of sharks.  And, i f possible, pictures of sharks and ourselves taking pictures of sharks.  I am not inclined to touch or ride the critters, however.  Colleen, on the other hand, wants to hug them.  I do hope she waits for me to compose and focus before letting go….


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