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Nikon D300 Underwater Housing

Well, after months of agonizing, today I ordered a “housing” for my Nikon D300 camera, which will let me take it beneath the sea, and hopefully capture some beautiful pictures in July when we head to the Bahamas to swim with the fishes and the sharks.

The housing  choice was a very difficult one.  Basically, I could chose the plastic housing and get “through the lens” (TTL) flash circuitry, or I could spend thousands more and buy an aluminum housing without the TTL circuitry (requiring manual setting of the flash).   I decided to go the less expensive route.  With the flash, it cost me over $3,000.00.   Adding the camera body and the lenses, and I pretty much spent a boat load of cash on something that can be destroyed in an instant if I make a mistake setting up the gear and have a flood.  Of course, unless I drop the housing, I should be able to salvage at least the flash and the “arms”, but I think I’ll just be super careful and avoid accidents!

If I had it all to do over again, I have no idea if I’d have gone this route.  On the positive side, I’ve had a lot of fun using the D300 topside and can definitely say that I love shooting with an SLR camera. How I will feel about packing and using a “gigantic” camera scuba diving is anybody’s guess. I just pray that I do not drop or flood it.

-One Nervous Diver’s Perspective.


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