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Nikon D300 Arrives from Costco

Well, my camera arrived yesterday. I managed to get the neck strap attached as well as the 18mm-200mm lens, inserted the battery and set up the time, date, etc. Even managed to snap a few pictures. But its not the sort of thing I can hope to learn in the hours between coming home from work and going to sleep!

I was hoping it would come with the full version of Capture/NX but it only gives a 30 day trial of the program. I am a little disappointed because I’ve heard enough good things about it to believe it would carry me over until the next version of Photoshop CS came out for the Mac, but not enough good things to actually make me think I want to buy it.

Of course, first things first. I haven’t yet shot a RAW photo so the software is not exactly the limiting factor in my workflow. There are great hopes pinned to this camera. Its big. Its heavy. And its going to get “bigger and heavier” with the underwater housing I plan to buy for it (once I am convinced I will learn to use the camera).

For now, I am shooting with the supplied 2GB card. I will probably boost that to an 8GB model before I take it underwater. I figure at 8 GB, I’ll probabyl need to change the battery before I run out of memory. As I understand it, its not a great idea to have to open the underwater housing more than necessary during the dive day, so the less often I need to open it the better.


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